Thursday, May 29, 2014

Navy Disses CNN Report on Airliner Search

The US Navy dismissed a CNN report Thursday that the Navy had concluded the pings detected in the Indian Ocean were not from the black box recorders of missing flight MH-370.A Navy spokesman said that comments the Navy's civilian deputy director of ocean engineering,Michael Dean,made to CNN,to the effect that authorities now almost universally believe the pings did not come from the flight's black boxes,but possibly from the ship or within the electronics of the Bluefin-21 submersible,were speculative and premature.
We continue to work with our partners to more thoroughly understand the data acquired by the Towed Pinger Locator.As such,we would defer to the Australians,as the lead in the search effort,to make additional information known at the appropriate time,the spokesman said in an emailed statement.
It wasn't clear whom Mr.Dean was speaking for,but CNN proceeded to hold a discussion on the remarks with its panel of experts.
The Australian Transport Safety Bureau,the agency in charge of the search,had said in a statement earlier Thursday that the search in the vicinity of the acoustic detections thought to be pings from the plane's black boxes can now be considered complete,and in its professional judgement,the area can now be discounted.*
It is common for searches to reach dead ends such as the failure of Bluefin-21 to locate the plane's black boxes in the area the pings were heard in,then pick up again with a new strategy.The next chapter of this long search will be hiring a contractor to continue the Indian Ocean hunt for the missing airliner in a few months' time.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What to Buy:JC Penney;Amazon;Throwback Tech

CNBC host Jim Cramer has been handing out JC Penney gift cards to his coworkers.You can get a lot of really high quality merchandise at JC Penney-a shirt and tie combo,Cramer says.The stores look great.Give me JC Penney.Memorial Day,JC Penney's gonna be crowded.*
I like throwback tech.I like Cisco and I like Apple.I just think Apple is an inexpensive stock.*
The trade is,when the economy is slowing,you buy the consumer packaged goods,because they're not gonna miss the quarter;but people have to be very careful with that kind of trading,because the market's heading down right now.I find that things aren't as great as I'd like,but that's not the material of a recession.The 18-35s are still living at home with their parents at a record level,and that's something people forget about.*
Amazon has invested 20 million in China's food delivery site YUMMY77.They're learning from the hard lessons they learned in the past about competing in China with Amazon China,adds analyst Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray.They're struggling in China.This seems to be striking the right balance.Let Amazon in Seattle do what they do best:focus on Western Europe and the US.I think its a phenomenal stock to own with a five year perspective.*
Microsoft can get things right,Cramer continued;there's no law written that Microsoft must get things wrong.Microsoft makes Xbox,the most popular gaming system.*
Google is the top global brand,according to a new study.They have pulled away from everyone.My charitable trust owns it,though it's been a tough stock to own the past couple of months.*
As for McDonald's,people want to buy things that are down with a good yield.The Europeans are fleeing their bond market and coming here.What's going on is global,the author and master investor Jim Cramer pointed out.
JC Penney(JCP),Amazon(AMZN),Microsoft(MSFT),Google(GOOG),Cisco(CSCO)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Investing 2014:Problems and Prospects

My charitable trust has been buying IBM stock,said CNBC host Jim Cramer.I believe in their cloud business,even though the very big problem I have with IBM is that cloud has very low margins-that's why people go to the cloud.IBM is going from a high margin to a low margin business.*
Pfizer is trying to buy Astra Zeneca,although I have spent some time with cancer specialists who say Astra Zeneca's pipeline is a "me too" pipeline for cancer.We've been in a big M&A drought and these deals take out capacity.These deals will get done.*
The market won't be affected by Ukraine as long as Russia stays low key,but it's not like the turmoil has gone away.If Russia does something big,you're gonna see this market blip down.I'd like to see a pullback in this market.I don't like a parabolic move;I like a stairstep move.*
The soda business is a losing story.I think diet soda is gonna be the great unraveling before your eyes,predicted the expert investor Jim Cramer.*
Groupon says over 50% of all global transactions now occur on mobile.People spend and engage more on mobile.The company reported a better than expected loss in earnings and a beat on revenues.Tom Forte of Telsey Advisory Group has a buy rating on the stock and a price target of 17.00.You have to look at Facebook and Groupon as unique opportunities within a space,Mr.Forte said.*
Competitor moves do not affect our success,according to Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff.Our audience and revenue are growing.We're a media company.We sell ads.We have 40-50% of audience share now.
The housing market is slowing somewhat.We predict it appreciating about 3% this year.It was quite hot at about 6%,but now it's warm.*
Groupon(GRPN),Zillow(Z),Pfizer(PFE),Facebook(FB),Astra Zeneca(AZN),International Business Machines(IBM)

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Voices and Visions:India First;Odessa Dossier

India's prime ministerial frontrunner,Narendra Modi of the BJP Party,is raising eyebrows as a member of the RSS movement,or India First.The group is a key supporter of his.It is feared that the goal of the nationalist India First is to make India more strongly Hindu and repress other faiths.
India First has daily branch gatherings,which are being characterised by critics as militaristic.The group's leaders,however,are insisting that Hindu culture actually means respect for all.
There is said to be a feeling rippling through India that the majority Hindus have had to compromise too much for the minorities,and Mr.Modi and his movement would naturally be tapping into that sentiment.*
The US Senate has gotten a closed White House briefing on the Ukraine crisis.Russia,they were told,now has its sights set on the Black Sea port of Odessa in Southwest Ukraine,the annexation of which would give it control of both of the country's main seaports now it has seized Crimea.Odessa is also a link to Russian-occupied Transnistria in neighbouring Moldova.
Efforts by the Ukrainian army to retake buildings from pro-Russian militants in Eastern Ukraine have largely been ineffectual,casting a pall on the 25 May national elections planned by the transitional government in Kiev.Firefights with the militants have resulted in several deaths over the past week.The clashes have spread from Slavyansk in the east to Odessa in the west.Ethnically diverse,Odessa was a major outpost of Tsarist Russia and is majority Russian speaking.
So far,military sources say they have seen no evidence of a Russian troop withdrawal from the border with Eastern Ukraine,despite Russian President Vladimir Putin's statement that such a move was underway.He has made similar statements before that were followed by no significant changes in troop disposition.