Wednesday, November 28, 2012

European Golf:Rory Takes DP World Trophy and Scepter

Rory McIlroy fought off effects of desert heat on Sunday to win at the DP World Tour Championship in Dubai,UAE.The culmination of the season-long Race To Dubai was held on the Earth Course at the Jumeirah Golf Estates.Northern Ireland's McIlroy posed in his red polo shirt with the huge trophy and scepter he was awarded for topping the tournament field.
McIlroy finished with a final round 23 under par 66,followed by England's Justin Rose in 2nd,and South Africa's Charles Schwartzel and England's Luke Donald  sharing 3rd on the leader board,respectively.
McIlroy's golden season included a money list double,dominating earnings on both the European and PGA Tours,as well as a victory at the PGA Tour Championship in Atlanta.It's a great way to finish a great season,McIlroy said.I feel like I can improve in different areas of the game still.
McIlroy related that he felt ill for a few days.The desert sun got to him,but he took a few things for it and soldiered on,notching five consecutive birdies on the final holes,as witnessed by a substantial crowd of hardy fans.
Besides DP World,sponsors of the tournament included CNN;BMW;and Rolex.Jumeirah Golf Estates is comprised of two neighbourhoods,Fire and Earth,of European style villas in the New Dubai area,just beyond the skyline.The hilly topography surrounding the Estates suggests the Mediterranean.Existing villas are going for approximately 1.8-3.5 million dollars US.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hedge Fund Advisor:Fighting and Grinding

You've got to watch Europe now,said Sarah Quinlan,founder and Chief Investment Officer of QAM.The IMF and EU are fighting.There was a joint national strike in Spain and Portugal.I think it's sort of a grind lower.Eventually the car runs out of gas.
I'm loving my sovereign bonds-obviously from the emerging markets and the US.
If they start a more entrepreneurial economy,they could start to grind out of it.The austerity is the wrong move.They'd better do something today.
Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner should stay through February to keep the market calm till we get through the debt ceiling.It's an overall anemic volume world that we're living in.
We are way overstaffed on Wall Street.Fewer partners were made at Goldman Sachs this year.I think it's a fundamental change.
QAM is a hedge fund advisory firm.Founder Sarah Quinlan is active in the 100 women in hedge funds peer advisory group.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Asset Manager:Observations and Opportunities

It will reach a point where Spain needs the bailout package,said Mark Konyn,PhD,CEO of Cathay Conning Asset Management.Italy is not at all out of the woods yet.Overall,the whole process has been delay and delay and delay,to drag things out as long as possible.
With regard to the US fiscal cliff,everyone has some thing to lose in this.I think they will mediate a compromise that allows them to roll the whole thing over for twelve months hence.The cost of going over the cliff would be a massive setback globally,with a 4% GDP loss.
In Europe,Greece is not the main issue;Spain is.Investors are taking more risk in their bond portfolio.There are also opportunities within equities for taking on risk.They will continue into next year.
The catalyst for Chinese stocks is not there.In March,there will be some infrastructure spending in China.There will be some opportunities around that,Dr.Konyn pointed out.
Cathay Conning Asset Management is a provider of innovative asset management solutions to institutions and insurers in the Asia Pacific region,offering a differentiated suite of investment products and services.
Mark Konyn has a doctorate in Risk Analysis from London Metropolitan University and was a fellow at University College London.He is currently a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Advert Chief Shares Outlook-plus ICBC earnings

The UK and Germany bookend Europe,with Italy,Spain and France in distress,according to Sir Martin Sorrell,noted British advertising magnate.We saw a step change downwards in September advertising.There's an overall problem across the world,including some of the fast-growing markets.
Long term indications are starting to show some signs of flipping up.Maybe mid-2013 we will start to see some uptick in the private sector.
We have to get used to this slow recovery in the Western world.It's very uncomfortable for us in the West to come to terms with the growth engines being in the East,Mr.Sorrell admitted.
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China earned the most money in the banking sector last quarter.The bank's 10 billion dollar income was a Q3 record,and the company could set an earnings record on the year as well.The world's biggest bank,ICBC beat the earnings estimate on increased credit demand.Its market capitalisation is about equal to that of JP Morgan Chase,Goldman Sachs and Bank of America put together.
Barclays Capital says China's oil demand will grow 3.6% in 2013.
Sir Martin Sorrell is co-founder and CEO of WPP Group,the world's largest marketing communications company.
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd(ICBC)