Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Will the Fed Raise Rates This Month?

I think the volatility is going to sideline the Fed in September,said Mohamed El-Erian,Chief Economic Advisor at Allianz.The second and the third facts have turned violently against the Fed.If they make a mistake,it could spill over into the economy.There isn't much the Fed can do.The market doesn't have the circuit-breakers that it needs.That is a major paradigm change for the marketplace.The market has to find its own equilibrium and level,and that's going to take some time.*
China helped create a market bubble in their stock market,and now they're finding it very hard to control.I think they will be able to soft-land the economy at around 6%,but we are going to observe the financial instability.
I pay a lot of attention to the currency markets.It started flashing red early on and started contaminating other markets.Central banks are having tremendous difficulty because the currency markets are coming unhooked regardless of what the fundamentals are,and the fundamentals are stronger relative to the rest of the world,noted Mr.El-Erian,who is a native of Cairo,Egypt.