Saturday, September 23, 2017

Abduction:Metropolitan Paul of Aleppo,Syria

                      Another year has passed,and still they wait
                      for the missing candle's light,
                      for the shepherd's return,taken in the prime of life
                      and service to the Lord,
                      wandering in grief,
                      awaiting one good word
                      of freedom and of justice
                      for Aleppo's peace.

Metropolitan Paul of Aleppo,Syria - kidnapped 22 April 2013 - المحبّة قوّة- الميتروبوليت بولس يازجي

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Orthodoxy in France:New Russian Orthodox Cathedral Draws Large Crowds

At least 12,000 people visited the new  Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Cathedral and Cultural Centre on Branly Quai in Paris over the weekend.Recommended by leading publications Le Monde and Figaro,legions of Parisians and tourists stood in line for hours for a guided tour by the clergy and staff of the complex,which was built from 2014-16 and opened on 9 October 2016.The Cultural Centre features exhibit space,parish facilities,a Russian/French day school for 150 pupils and a seminary.*
The prevailing opinion of the visitors was positive,seeing the cathedral as being a welcome addition to the cultural resources of the area.The cathedral has an iconostas;but its white interior walls have yet to be written with iconography.The exterior is a tasteful blend of traditional and contemporary styles,topped by the customary golden onion domes.*
The weekend tours were part of the annual Days of National Heritage in Paris.A similar Russian Orthodox church/cultural centre complex has recently opened in Strasbourg,France.The Church of All Saints is the first Eastern Orthodox church in that city,and was topped by a three-bar cross on 2 July 2017.*
The Handbook of the Orthodox Church in France says there are 500,000 Orthodox Christians in France.Many Romanian and Russian emigres and workers have swelled the ranks in recent years.There are 278 parishes,21 monasteries and three seminaries overseen by 10 bishops,and served by 330 priests and deacons.The Romanian Orthodox Church has the most parishes in France (91).