Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Investing Opportunities 2015

For 2015,your New Year's resolution should be to invest,says Winnie Sun of Sun Group Wealth Partners.If you're looking for value and opportunity,I really like the story of investing in Europe.The most important thing is time horizon.If your time horizon is long,there's no reason to be afraid of investing in Europe.*
David Seaberg of Cowan&Co. says that energy is setting up to be a massive trade.I think you saw a massive de-risking.I'm absolutely set up.A lot of managers came in and sold positions out.The higher quality names,I'd be buying them across the board here.
Europe could be a big opportunity.I think small caps are going to continue to move forward.*
Michael Farr of Farr,Miller&Washington says to place bets carefully in the stock market.JP Morgan Chase is trading at 10 times earnings,with a 2.5% dividend.I think they're doing fine now,and banks are poised to do well when the Fed raises rates.
I like Chevron.It might not be at the bottom yet,but it pays a 3.8% dividend.
Google has a solid balance sheet,with double digit earnings growth.They've moved away from a dependence on search.They've continued to evolve into a multi-media company and have settled down in Asia.*
iShares Europe Etf(IEV),Chevron(CVX),Exxon Mobil(XOM),JP Morgan Chase(JPM),Google(GOOG)

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Smiles Amidst Tension:Christmas in Bethlehem 2014

A county fair atmosphere prevailed in Bethlehem in the West Bank,as thousands of individuals took in the sights and sounds of Christmas,marking the birth of Jesus Christ where it really occurred more than 2,000 years ago.You could buy candied apples,listen to choirs sing traditional Christmas carols,or even hear a rock band perform new Christmas music.A peaceful mood prevailed in Manger Square outside the Church of the Nativity,although the memory of war in the nearby Gaza strip over the summer-between Israel and the Palestinian Hamas organisation-was fresh on people's minds,keeping tourist numbers to less than half of what they were last year.About 4500 foreign tourists came to Bethlehem this year,and they are the bedrock of the local economy.*
All through December,Bethlehem and other West Bank towns and villages and their churches of various types,ranging from Lutheran to Melkite Eastern Catholic and Greek Orthodox,held tree lighting ceremonies with fireworks,scout parades and carols,as well as Christmas concerts.The churches themselves were also decorated with Christmas lights.*
There are very few Christians left in the Gaza strip-just one Greek Orthodox church.
They were allowed to cross over Israeli territory this year and into the West Bank town of Bethlehem and attend the celebrations there.In general,it has been a tranquil Christmas season for the Palestinian people with no shortage of smiles,troubled as they are by living under occupation.They say they want peace with justice,a recognition of their legitimate rights and a state of their own.

olivia newton john silent night-Australian

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Federal Reserve Modifies Guidance,Not Policy

Although the Federal Reserve's Open Market Committee held steady its low interest rate monetary policy on Wednesday,it has altered its guidance because it doesn't want to be bogged down in the past.The FOMC reaffirmed that the 0-0.25 interest rate range remains appropriate,Fed Chair Janet Yellen said in a news conference after the FOMC meeting drew to a close-the last such meeting of the year.The FOMC judges it can be patient in beginning to normalise monetary policy,Ms.Yellen continued;adding,however,that some modification to our guidance is appropriate at this time.The majority of the FOMC believes interest rates will be raised in 2015.*
Progress continues to maximum employment.Job growth has been strong recently.The Committee continues to see sufficient underlying strength in the economy to continue to support employment growth.Inflation continues to run beneath the Committee's 2% objective.The Committee expects inflation to gradually move back to its objective.For the US,the oil price drop is a net positive.*
History shows central bank independence promotes better economic performance.We are accountable to Congress in explaining what we do,but I would be very concerned about any change to the policy of no audits of monetary policy.*
We certainly did review global economic developments,including developments in the Russian economy.The drop in oil prices is posing a series of difficult conditions for the Russian economy.I expect the spillover to the US would be small,Ms.Yellen noted,citing the small percentage of Russian holdings in US portfolios and the small amount of trade between the two countries.*
The S&P 500 rose 40.15,or 2,4%,in response to the Fed's decision.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Upgraded and Under the Radar Firms

Katie Stockton of BTIG Research likes Google.The stock has underperformed.It is oversold.There's a pretty good risk-return profile from the technical standpoint.*
Stifel Nicolaus has raised eBay to a buy,with a 65.00 price target.They believe eBay is the real deal in ecommerce.*
Bernstein Research has raised United Technologies to a buy.They like the new CEO,Chief Financial Officer Gregory Hayes.*
Goldman Sachs has given Chipotle a 790.00 price target.It is cheap in proportion to its cash flow.*
Morgan Stanley has raised LaSalle Hotel to overweight.They raised its price target to 45.00 from 35.00.*
Don Wordell,CFA,Managing Director at RidgeWorth Investments,likes Mattel.The yield is very attractive compared to any of the bonds.Also,it's undervalued.
We like Tyco for the fundamental catalysts.They have a tremendous pipeline of deals in the near future.
A company called Tidewater has supply vessels running equipment and crews to offshore oil rigs.They have all new equipment,and utilisation and day rates are going to hold up better than most.They also pay a 3.5% dividend.I'm very,very comfortable that offshore drilling will remain strong,and this company is very,very attractive at these levels,Mr.Wordell concluded.*
Google(GOOG),United Technologies(UTX),Chipotle Mexican Grill(CMG),Mattel(MAT),eBay(EBAY),Tyco International Plc(TYC),Tidewater Inc(TDW),LaSalle Hotel(LHO)

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Pope and Turkish President Exchange Views

Pope Francis I and Turkish President Recep Erdogan met in Ankara last Friday on the occasion of the Pope's official visit to Turkey and pilgrimage to Constantinople/Istanbul for St.Andrew's Day and talks with Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I,spiritual leader of Orthodox Christians.Mr.Erdogan expressed concern about rising Islamophobia in the world.There are places where Islam and the followers of Islam are associated with terrorism and violence.Millions of Muslims feel oppressed by these associations with Boko Haram,al Qaida or ISIL which is talked about all over the world.*
Mr.Erdogan condemned state terrorism in Syria,which has led to a refugee crisis,and mentioned Turkey's problem with its Kurdish minority.All these challenges confront all human beings.As there is Islamophobia in the West,there is also violence and hatred in the Muslim world.All of these problems threaten our humanity.He called therefore for tolerance and healthy coexistence.Turkey is a bridge between East and West and an example of such coexistence.We seek to create a more livable world where cities can be more open and diverse,the President said,citing Turkey's role in humanitarian aid and the G20 group of nations.He hoped the Pope's visit would have a positive effect on the Islamic world,adding that we are happy to live together and asking God that the Pope's visit will be beneficial for all of us.*
For his part,Pope Francis noted that this event is precious to all Christians,as Turkey was the birthplace of St.Paul and the home of the Blessed Virgin Mary for many years,as well as the site of the first Seven Ecumenical Councils of the Church.He praised the vitality of Turkey's present,the hard work and generosity of its people.Today what is needed is a dialogue centered on what we hold in common,a lasting peace rooted in the respect of the dignity of all persons.It is essential that all Christians enjoy the same rights and respect the same duties.The Middle East and the rest of the world await this maturing of friendship.
How much longer must the Middle East suffer through this lack of peace?In Syria and Iraq in particular,terrorist violence shows no signs of abating,especially to Christians and Yazidis.It is always licit to stop an unjust aggressor,but the problem cannot be solved by a military response.May the most high bless and protect Turkey and enable her to be a strong and effective peacemaker,Pope Francis concluded.*
In an atmosphere of brotherly affection,His Holiness Pope Francis I went on to Constantinople Saturday for a prayer service with His All-Holiness Bartholomew I,Archbishop of Constantinople New Rome and Ecumenical Patriarch.The two archpastors expressed their determination to bring about the reconciliation between the Catholic West and the Orthodox East,even to the point of restoring intercommunion between the ancient churches,which parted ways in the eleventh century.The Church of Rome would not require submission,Pope Francis said.The only precondition for restoring intercommunion would be a simple agreement on faith.*
After attending the Divine Liturgy on Sunday,the feast of the Holy Apostle Andrew the First-Called,at the patriarchal Cathedral of St.George,which was celebrated by Patriarch Bartholomew,with the participation of Pope Francis who said the Lord's Prayer in Latin,the two spiritual leaders signed a statement reiterating their intention to continue on the path of reconciliation and together blessed the faithful gathered in the courtyard of the Phanar,the patriarchal enclave of Constantinople/Istanbul.The two men exchanged the kiss of peace several times during the Pope's visit.