Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Markit Ltd Makes NASDAQ Debut

Markit Ltd made its debut on the NASDAQ stock exchange on 19 June.Markit is a Bloomberg-like company,said CNBC host Jim Cramer.It's a very important company.General Atlantic,which owns a 7.5% stake in Markit,is not a seller on the deal-which means buy the stock.General Atlantic deals work.Markit is a very profitable company.CEO and co-founder Lance Uggla is brilliant and he's hitting it out of the park,Jim Cramer enthused.*
Founded in 2003,Markit provides financial information products to bankers,investment advisors and other financial professionals.The products include indices,pricing and reference data,customised technology platforms and processing solutions.They are aimed at enhancing transparency,reducing risk and improving operational efficiency.The London-based company employs 3,000 people in 10 countries.*
Markit stakeholder General Atlantic is a global growth equity firm,providing capital and strategic support for growth companies.It invested in Markit in 2010.*
Markit Ltd(MRKT)

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Rupert Murdoch's Landmark Penthouse

Australian media magnate Rupert Murdoch,83,has purchased the top four floors of One Madison Avenue,including the triplex penthouse and unit below,for 57.25 million dollars,a transaction described by seller Related Companies Inc as being a milestone achievement for One Madison and the downtown market.It is the most expensive downtown apartment in New York history.
The triplex plus the unit below total more than 10,000 square feet.The nearly 7,000 square foot penthouse features five bedrooms,five-and-a-half baths,a wraparound 596 square foot terrace,spiral staircase and internal elevator.It has brilliant views of the New York City skyline,the Hudson and East Rivers and One World Trade Center through its floor to ceiling glass.*
The building's amenities for the divorced billionaire include a lap pool,spa and fitness center.Murdoch's old Fifth Avenue penthouse went to former wife Wendi Deng in the divorce settlement.*
Murdoch is founder of News Corporation,21st Century Fox,Fox News Channel,FOX-British Sky Broadcasting and STAR India.*
News Corporation(NWS)

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

East Asia:Facing the Missile Threat

The Atlantic Council recently brought together a number of thought leaders at its fourth annual Global Missile Defense Conference in Washington on 28 May.
We face a big threat and a small threat in East Asia,said David Gompert,RAND Corporation Adjunct Senior Fellow and former Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence from 2009-10.North Korea is the small threat.I don't think North Korea will be suicidal with nuclear weapons,but would use them as their best option.Their reflex is to strike out when under severe pressure,so we cannot have confidence in adequate deterrence.
South Korea,Japan and the US are threatened by expansion of the short and medium range missile threat.This calls for a trilateral approach:an adequate,integrated trilateral missile defence.The US should hammer home there is little room for error in the adequacy of missile defence.
Both the US and South Korea agreed to the four d's:detect,disrupt,degrade and destroy.Japanese Prime Minister Abe appreciates the threat from North Korean missiles.That's why they're going from four to eight Aegis destroyers;the Global Hawk unmanned aerial vehicle;upgrading of F-15s;procuring point defence for the 20-30 km range.*
China is the big problem.They believe in a minimal defence.China gets upset about any upgrade of defence in its area.
We do need a bigger rethink of information to enable us to make decisions before a crisis occurs.To defend our forces in the Pacific against China's short and medium range missiles is mind-boggling.China has too many upgrades that they haven't yet pursued.I worry less about the ICBMs than the expansion of the short and medium range arsenals.We need greater trilateral contingency planning.We need to help overcome political hurdles.
Taiwan needs to acquire an anti-access area denial strategy to deal with mines and submarines.*
North Korea has lots of artillery and rockets.Ballistic missiles could reach well into South Korea,but the aspect of Weapons of Mass Destruction is the greater concern.*
China's conventional ballistic and cruise missiles are the core of its power projection,added Randall Schriver,former Deputy Secretary of State for East Asia.*
We really don't know how useful and effective the new rail gun and laser technologies will be,so we can't rely on them to counter the threat,Patrick Cronin of the Center for a New American Security pointed out.*
The Atlantic Council is a nonpartisan think tank that defines its mission as promoting constructive leadership and engagement in international affairs based on the central role of the Atlantic Community in meeting global challenges.It has ten regional centres.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hilton Comfortable In Its Space

We think we're in a very valuable part of the cycle,said Christopher Nassetta,CEO of Hilton Hotels Worldwide.We've got 11 brands-soon to be 12.With the 40+ HHonors partners that we've got,we think we've got everything that we need.*
We actually feel quite comfortable with our tax structure.We're quite pleased with what's in place.We would not look at relocating at this point.*
HHonors is a loyalty program for guests at Hilton's over 3900 hotels and resorts across 10 distinct brands in more than 91 countries.Rewards include free nights and exclusive benefits such as faster check-in and room upgrades,all the way up to reward experiences that range from golfing in Phoenix to touring the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul.
As well,you can exchange points and miles with over 60 participating airlines,rail and mileage rewards programs worldwide.*
Hilton brands include Hilton,Waldorf Astoria,Embassy Suites,DoubleTree,Conrad,Garden Inn,Hampton,Homewood Suites,Home2 Suites,Hilton Great Vacations.*
Hilton Worldwide shares rose 0.26% in Wednesday trading,closing at 22.77.
Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc(HLT)