Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Managing Director:Where To Shelter Now

We're still very concerned about the situation in Europe,said Adrian Mowat,Managing Director and Chief Emerging Markets Strategist at JP Morgan Chase.What's gonna happen with France and Germany as they recapitalise their banks?We look forward to the G20 meeting November 3-4 in Cannes.
Our advice would be to reduce into that rally.We're concerned because the European Central Bank doesn't seem to get it.At the moment,they're still concerned about regulatory matters and they don't want to grow their capital base.
We need to look out for Chinese inflationary numbers.Inflation will eventually come off there.Our belief is that Europe will get worse before it gets better.Think about capital preservation at this point in time,keeping to U.S. dollar cash,Mr.Mowat advised.
JP Morgan Chase(JPM)

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