Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Asset Manager:Why PepsiCo Is Favored

The forward rate of return of PepsiCo is larger than that of Coca-Cola,according to Donald Yacktman,President and Co-Chief Investment Officer of Yacktman Asset Management.PepsiCo comprises 11.2% of YAM's portfolio.Any great business will have experience in both the U.S. and internationally,as PepsiCo does.
PepsiCo offers a slightly better rate of return,and we feel more comfortable with it.We also like and own Coca-Cola shares.
PepsiCo could change its name to Frito-Lay,the name of its snack food division.It makes more money than the soft drinks.Just walking down the grocery store aisle,you can see Frito-Lay's dominance,Mr.Yacktman noted.
Yacktman Asset Management manages two mutual funds,The Yacktman Focused Fund(YAFFX)and The Yacktman Fund(YACKX).Founded in 1992,the firm claims it is focused on delivering risk-controlled results by being objective,diligent and patient.

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