Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bryn Mawr Trust:Back To Market Basics

I think the market will come back to fundamentals,says Eric Thorne,Vice President at Bryn Mawr Trust.We're gonna be looking at a hotter economy than people expect.I think it's bonds that we should be worrying about right now.
What's really interesting is,the economy is likely to drive inflation and interest rates higher.The market's always setting these traps.We think investors should be looking for gains in general,and in the international stocks as well.The emerging markets will do even better than the U.S. during the next 12 months or so,Mr.Thorne predicted.
Bryn Mawr Trust is a regional financial institution with branches in the greater Philadelphia area.Founded in 1889,it concentrates on the creation,management,preservation and transferral of wealth for its clients,which range from individuals and families to businesses and organisations.It also offers online checking and savings accounts.
Bryn Mawr Trust(BMTC),Vanguard Emerging Markets Stock ETF(VWO)

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