Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Chief Market Strategists:Grappling With Greece-and who may ultimately win

Even if some problems are solved in Europe,we still have more to go,according to Nick Colas,Chief Market Strategist at ConvergEx Group.Germany is a special case,a high growth export economy,sending such things as machine tools to China.Spain is like Florida:housing driven,with homes for retirees.
Europe's got to firewall a bunch of the issues in Italy,Spain and Portugal.What they're really trying to do is buy time.We in the U.S. are doing everything to keep rates low on the monetary side;Europe has embraced austerity.We are trying to keep growth going.We shall see who wins.
Leadership is lacking,adds Andrew Economos,Head of Sovereign&Institutional Strategy,Asia ex-Japan at JP Morgan Asset Management.Greek politicians are setting themselves up for the April election.A deal is done.It's really a question of getting the three political parties in line.
We'll have this rolling crisis as we sweep through the periphery.Germany will guarantee the debt and China will take a stake.I think it means ample liquidity.Ultimately,it flows into Asian markets,Mr.Economos believes.
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