Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Global Money Manager:What You Have To Do

There is considerable concern about the fate of the European banking system in these troubled times.It's about deposits,and you're worried about deposit flight,according to Peter Fisher,Global Head of Fixed Income at BlackRock.It's a bigger issue than whether Greece leaves the euro currency.You want a banking system that's stable for Europe.You don't have to have a fiscal union;but not having a banking union,that's a problem. In a high volume,low liquidity environment,you have to bring your risk level down.You've got to be much more judicious.In the U.S.,I think Congress will not want a recession this year,and will pass a marginal measure;but will have a rude awakening in October,when the market reacts to the fiscal cliff.As a return play,you look at high quality corporates and fixed income,Mr.Fisher advised. BlackRock has offices in 27 countries worldwide.From governments to pension plans,insurance companies and individuals,the money management firm serves its diverse clientele with risk management,strategic advisory and investment system services,building portfolios totaling approximately 10 trillion dollars. BlackRock Inc.(BLK)

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