Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Asset Manager:Fairly Good News Ahead-and what limits it

I think we're going into a fairly good news economy,said Christian Thwaites,CEO of Sentinel Investments.The regional Federal Reserve Banks reported gains;exports and imports look good.It's gonna be difficult to get beyond 2.5-3% growth,however,because the government is a drag on the economy.
Manufacturing has posted some very impressive productivity numbers.That's the way employers would rather grow,than by hiring more people.The employment picture is only gonna improve very,very gradually.
The inflation number is not a problem.Inflation in China is not down to a point they are comfortable with.There is definitely a very robust consumption story from China.
It's a more subdued consumer recovery in the U.S.Play it carefully.Choose very good,solid,well-managed consumer discretionary companies if that's where you're going to go.You're only going to see 3-5% growth,rather than the 7-8% you saw during past recoveries,Mr.Thwaites noted.
Since 1934,Sentinel Investments has grown to manage more than 18 billion dollars in mutual fund and institutional accounts.As a provider of core,back to basics strategies,standing the tests of time is their criterion for success.

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