Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dow Chemical's Broad Solutions Network

Dow Chemical is a company that has long embraced globalism at every turn in its corporate life.
We're using Thailand as an operations hub these days,said Dow Chemical CEO Andrew Liveris.There are 160 Korean scientists at our R&D facility there.
The reception in China for global businesses is powerful.China is a red carpet;there are a lot of other economies that are red tape,the industry leader candidly observed.Dow is in 150 countries in terms of sales.
Obviously,Saudi Arabia is very important to a company like ours that is resource intensive,Mr.Liveris noted.
The firm employs about 52,000 workers worldwide.From Mexico to the Middle East,they produce more than 5,000 specialty chemical,advanced materials and other products at some 197 facilities in 36 countries.
Andrew N. Liveris,who turns 58 next month,is a native of Darwin,Australia.He graduated from the University of Queensland with a chemical engineering degree.Mr.Liveris was formerly general manager of Dow's Thailand operations.The Midland,Michigan resident also serves on the Board of Directors of IBM.
Dow Chemical(DOW)

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