Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Chief Financial Officer:Intel's Vision of Growth Drivers

Intel has reported Q1 earnings greater than estimated.With that achievement on the books,what lies ahead for the tech titan?We have a hundred designs in the pipeline,said Chief Financial Officer Stacy Smith.You're gonna see touch enabled;thin and white products.We're well on the way to 40% of the pc market by the end of the year.As we look forward,we think we can grow the data center business over the next five years. Windows 8 will be positive for sales.The performance and very thin form factor,along with touch,really sets us up for an exciting set of products for the end of this year.We've announced smartphone design wins.You're gonna see them with Intel architecture inside. Things are getting incrementally better in the U.S. economy.We still see robust growth in the emerging markets,leading to high unit sales growth,Mr.Smith observed. Led by CEO Paul Ottelini,Intel draws on the very considerable talents of some 92,000 workers worldwide. Intel(INTC)

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