Wednesday, April 1, 2015

ISIL Defeated In Tirkrit

After a month-long battle,the Iraqi army has retaken the city of Tikrit.With the help of the US-led coalition's air strikes and various militia groups,a major blow has been dealt the ISIL militants.The win is also seen as a significant validation of the ground combat forces' ability to recapture ISIL's biggest gain so far in Iraq,the country's second largest city,Mosul.
Tikrit was heavily booby-trapped by the Islamist extremist group ISIL,whom many Arabs and their friends call Daesh.Many of the abandoned buildings were rigged with explosives.A few pockets of resistance remain,firing potshots now and then.Few civilians have stayed in the war-blasted streets of Tikrit,however,the hometown of the late dictator Saddam Hussein.
At the same time,ISIL has stormed a Palestinian refugee camp in the Syrian capital Damascus,the Yarmouk camp,having fought with a Palestinian faction in the camp.The ISIL militants reportedly now have control of nearly all of the camp,which is home to some 18,000 Palestinian refugees.It is their most serious incursion into Damascus to this point.

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