Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Author and Consultant:Riding the Sawtooth Market

We're in a slow growth,maybe no growth economy,and this could go on for years,observes Al Angrisani,former Assistant Secretary of Labor and Chief of Staff for President Ronald Reagan from 1980-84,whom he helped to create 16 million new jobs.Investors are picking winners and losers.If the price is down,I'll make a bet on those.
You're looking at IBM,Apple,Siemens.Those are good long-term plays.We're in a sawtooth pattern,but the trend is down.You're picking companies.You get numb from the ups and downs of this sawtooth pattern,and then perhaps you get whammed by China with its uncertainty.
Mr.Angrisani has worked as a turnaround expert,restoring value to shareholders as founder of Angrisani Turnarounds,LLC,a leading consultancy for failing publicly traded companies.He sets out his approach in his book "Win One for the Shareholders!"
Siemens(SI),International Business Machines(IBM),Apple(AAPL)

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