Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Merrill Lynch:What You Need To Do

There is a re-balancing coming in Europe and the U.S.,according to Lisa Shalett of Bank of America-Merrill Lynch Global Wealth&Investment Management.This is a volatility that is unprecedented since World War II.These are in many cases policy-driven.Demand and policy are interconnected.There's just as much uncertainty among consumers.
What everybody thinks is safe may be risky,and vice-versa,such as Treasuries/emerging market bonds.Embrace a more global perspective.This is about real diversification.You need to be in every geography,and not just BRICs.Consider Indonesia,Mexico,Turkey.Emerging markets bonds are safer,Ms.Shalett believes.
Merrill Lynch GWIM provides comprehensive services to affluent clients and institutions,from investment solutions to retirement,benefit plan,banking and philanthropic services.GWIM offers robust and dynamic product and solution platforms from Merrill Lynch offices worldwide.
Bank of America(BAC)

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