Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Russell Investments:What Makes Sense Today

Europe is a huge source of unknowable risk,in the view of Russell Investments' Chief Market Strategist,Stephen Wood.The U.S. economy is doing a hair better than O.K.It is growing.When the market focuses on U.S. fundamentals,it tends to do well.
A globally diversified portfolio of risk assets makes sense.They outpace inflation and give you some return.If you look at the pullbacks as opportunities to get in,you've been able to nickel and dime your way in.The emerging markets are gonna be good in 3-5 or 5-7 years.
Corporations are much less likely to default than governments.Equities could end the year positive on the backs of earnings.
We have a market-based culture,with government institutions responsive to the market.It's more confrontational in Europe.You kind of grind it out here.We've got a number of years to work through these debt issues,whereas in Italy and Greece they've got a couple of days,in Dr.Wood's opinion.

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